Who plays mike newton?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Michael Welch

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Q: Who plays mike newton?
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What is mike newton real name?

Michael welch is the person who plays mike newton in twilight

What is the real name of mike newton of twilight?

Micheal Welch plays Mike Newton on Twilight.. hes a cutie:)

Who plays Mike Newton in Twilight?

Michael Welch

What is Mike's last name from twilight?

Mike's last name in the Twilight series is Newton.

Does mike newton in twilight work at newton's sporting goods?

Yes, Mike does.

In Twilight what is Mike Newton's mom's name?

Mike's mom is Karen Newton.

Who played Mike Newton in the Twilight movie?

Mike Newton was played by Michael Welch.

In twilight what is mike's second name?

Mike's last name in Twilight is Newton.

Email address of mike newton at masco retail cabinet group?

Mike Newton is no longer with MRCG

Who did Micheal welch play in twilight?

Michael Welch played the role of Mike Newton in the Twilight movie series. Mike Newton is a high school student and friend of Bella Swan who has a crush on her.

Is mike Newton out of twilight famous?

No ......

Who plays mike in twilight?

Mike Newton in the Twilight series is played by actor Michael Welch. Michael Welch. He is a human friend of Bella Swan and is portrayed as being friendly, outgoing, and somewhat naïve.