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Tanya Chisholm plays Kelly.

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The actresses's name is Tanya Chisholm.

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Her real name is Tanya Crisholm.

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Q: Who plays kelly on Big Time Rush?
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Who plays mrbitters on Big Time Rush?

David Anthony Higgins plays Mr.Bitters on Big Time Rush

Who plays Stephanie from Big Time Rush?

Tristin Mays plays Stephanie King on Big Time Rush.

Who plays cammille from Big Time Rush?

Erin Sanders plays Camille on Big Time Rush! I knew I recognized her from Zoey 101.

Was the trampoline on the stage that big time rush sing on really was about to broke?

Yes, Kelly save big time rush lives but big time didn't know Kelly and other strong guys hold trampoline so they don't get them hurt

Who plays Griffen on Big Time Rush?

no one plays him its not a cartoon

Who plays for Joe in Big Time Rush?

Katelyn Taver.

Who plays the bald guy on Big Time Rush?


Who plays Cammile in Big Time Rush?

Erin Sanders

Who plays camele on Big Time Rush?

Erin Sanders.

Is Darren Norris in Big Time Rush?

Yes, Darren Norris plays the maintenance man named "Buddha Bob" on Big Time Rush.

Who play Lucy on Big Time Rush big time rockers?

Malese Jow plays Lucy

Is camille from Big Time Rush Quinn from zoey 101?

Yes. It is the same actress, but she plays different characters. In Zoey 101 she plays Quin. In Big Time Rush she plays Camille. The actress who plays those characters is Erin Sanders.