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Joe Hursley according the the credits Milkquarious. Not Hugh Laurie.

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Q: Who plays White Gold in the milk commercials?
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What is used in milk commercials instead of real milk?

Usually a mixture of white paint and thinner to give it a realistic consistency.

What are popular milk commercials?

One of the best known series of milk commercials are the Got Milk? set. These featured well known people, often actors sporting a milk mustache and the tag line "got milk".

Who is the actress in the new milk commercials?

Salma Hayek

White gold milk commercial?

Is the most annoying and terrible ad campaign ever created.

What is the milk in cereal commercials made of?

There are a lot of things people believe it is, but it is really made of glue. That's how it floats to the top of the bowl in the commercials.

How can you tell Lindor chocolate flavors by wrapper?

Blue is milk chocolate Red is dark Gold is white Brown is nut

Will chocolate milk rot faster then white milk?

Chocolate milk will rot faster then white milk

What color is a dogs milk?

is the person that asked this question stupid or something every type of milk is white or whitish yellow. Cows milk is white. Goats milk is white. OUR MILK IS WHITE!!!!!!!!!!

"Who is the Black Woman in Both the Milk-Bone & State Farm commercials"?

Nicole J. Butler

What cow makes the most milk?

These are the breeds of Dairy Cows: Holstien Friesian (Black and white) Holstien (Red and White, these are original holstiens) Guernsey (Gold and White) Milking Shorthorn (dark red) Ayrshire (Red and white) Jersey (small and brown) Brown Swiss (large and brown) Holstien Friesians produce the most milk. so do holstiens. Jerseys produce milk with high butterfat,and so do guernsey.

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Milk chocolate and white chocolate. Milk chocolate and white chocolate. Milk chocolate and white chocolate. and cheese.

Is white milk better for you than choclate milk?

yes there is choclate in choclate milk so you take white milk and white milk then you just but choclate syrup in one and the one without choclate syrup is better for you.