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Q: Who plays Roxy in Tracy beaker?
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How old is Roxy from Tracy beaker?

Roxy from Tracy Beaker is around 16 years old.

Where does Roxy in Tracy beaker live?

The doumping ground

How old is Roxy wellard in Tracy beaker?

well shes 11

Who plays mike in Tracy beaker?

Connor Byrne plays Mike Milligan in Tracy Beaker.

Who plays saffire in Tracy beaker returns?

Saffron Coomber plays Sapphire in Tracy Beaker Returns

Who plays adele in the story of Tracy beaker?

Rochelle Gadd plays Adele Azepadi in the Tracy Beaker series.

Who plays Poppy in Tracy Beaker Returns?

Katie Anderson plays the role of Poppy in Tracy Beaker Returns.

Who plays lily in Tracy Beaker rutruns?

Jessie Williams is the girl who plays Lilly/Lily in Tracy beaker returns

When is Roxy wellard's birthday from the story of Tracy beaker?

14th march age;9

Who plays Sid in the story of Tracy Beaker?

Vincenzo Pellegrino Played Sid In Tracy Beaker.

Who plays the character of Tracy Beaker?

Dani Harmer plays Tracy beaker and she also went to Ghana to try and help the poor!

Who plays Carmen howle in Tracy beaker returns?

Amy Leigh Hickman plays Carmen Howle in Tracy Beaker returns