Who plays Napoleon dynamite?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Johb heder

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John Heder.

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Q: Who plays Napoleon dynamite?
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Who plays Summer in Napoleon Dynamite?

Haylie Duff played Summer Wheatly in Napoleon Dynamite.

Is Napoleon dynamite Canadian?

No, he is American. The fictional Napoleon Dynamite is from Preston, Idaho. The actor who plays him, Jon Heder, is a native of Colorado.

What was the budget for Napoleon Dynamite?

The Production Budget for Napoleon Dynamite was $400,000.

When was Napoleon Dynamite created?

Napoleon Dynamite was created on 2004-01-17.

Does Napoleon Dynamite's brother have braces?

Napoleon Dynamite's brother, Kip, doesn't have braces.

What do they call a famous general who has dynamite in his kitchen?

Napoleon Blownapart

Who plays Napoleon in Napoleon Dynamite?

Napoleon Dynamite was created on 2004-01-17.

Who wrote and directed movie napoleon dynamite?

Napoleon Dynamite was written and directed by Jared Hess.

Who is Napoleon diynamite?

a character in the movie Napoleon Dynamite

Who did Jon Heder play in Blades of Glory?

He portrayed Jimmy MacElroy in the 2007 ice-skating comedy starring Will Ferrell.

Is the movie Napoleon dynamite cool?

Napoleon Dynamite is all things good in the world put into a damn movie.

When was Napoleon Dynamite - TV series - created?

Napoleon Dynamite - TV series - was created on 2012-01-15.