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Daryl Hannah

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Q: Who plays Elle Driver in kill bill 2?
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Does Uma Therman wear an eye patch in kill bill?

No, it is Daryl Hannah (Elle Driver in the film)

Daryl Hannah - how did she die in kill bill?

It was not conclusive that Daryl Hannah's Elle Driver character in Kill Bill died. Uma Thurman's Beatrice Kiddo character defeated her in the fight by removing Elle's remaining eye. Elle was left thrashing helplessly in the trailer, and Beatrice just left. It is possible that Elle was bitten by the Black Mambo still left in the trailer, but this was not shown explicitly.

Who played elle in kill bill?

Uma Thurman's character, The Bride, kills Bill with the "Five Point Palm Exploding Heart" technique.

Who composed the whistling song from Kill Bill?

The song Elle Driver whistles in Kill Bill Vol. I is the theme to the 1968 British psychological thriller, Twisted Nerve.The song is called Twisted Nerve by Bernard Herrmann.

Which of these characters did not wear an eyepatch A Uma Thurman's Bride B Nick Fury head of SHIELD herder of Avengers C Elle Driver California Mountain Snake from Kill Bill?

Uma Thurman's Bride

What is the five snakes in kill bill?

Elle Driver (who had the eye patch) was California Mountain Snake Bill (the old ugly guy) was Snake Charmer since he was the leader B (main character) was Black Mamba Vernita Green (the black chick) was Copperhead O-Ren Ishii (the Jap-Chineese-American) was Cottonmouth

Why Elle Killed Budd in Kill Bill Vol2?

She was angry that the person she considered her rival, the Bride, had been killed by Budd. Also by killing him, she got the sword she wanted and didn't have to pay.

Lucy Liu features in which film that plays the song Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood?

Kill Bill No.1

What song plays in Kill Bill when Beatrix Kiddo sees her rivals?

a silloutte of doom by ennio morricone

How many kill bill movies are there?

There are two Kill Bill movies. Kill Bill vol.1 and Kill Bill vol.2

What is the name of the song in kill bill vol2 in the beginning of chapter 9 Elle and I?

"The Chase" Written by Alan Reeves, Phil Steele, Philip Brigham Performed by Alan Reeves, Phil Steele, Philip Brigham.

What were motivations for the First Crusade?

Kill kill bill bill