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Yes, Dren does die in the Mew Mew Power TV series. It is said the Blue Knight kills him in one of the final episodes. Zoey is a little sad after this because she had become rather fond of Dren after he stopped trying to kill her.

(Also note that Dren spelled backwards is Nerd =)

Hope this helped *Moecow*

he doesnt actually die in mew mew power he only dies in Tokyo mew mew

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Dren is an alien attacking earth his japanes name is kish or kishuu!he has a crush on zoey A.K.A ichigo but instead of making a good aproach he ends up kissing her even though he trys to kill her!

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Kish is about 13-15 years old in Tokyo Mew Mew and Dren has to be at least 16 in Mew Mew Power (because they upped Zoey's age so much).

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It doesnt tell you

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Q: Who plays Dren in Mew Mew Power?
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What episode of Tokyo mew mew did zoey kiss Dren?

episode 3. and its not zoey and dren, its ichigo and kisshu. zoey and dren are from mew mew power. mew mew power is americanised. Tokyo mew mew is the original and also has more episodes. and dren/kisshu kissed zoey/ichigo

What does Dren from mew mew power mean?

Dren is supposed to be nerd backwards, mocking the character.

Is dren in love with zoey in mew mew power?


What is the story of dren in mew mew power?

His planet was destroid

In mew mew power does dren kiss Zoe?


Dose dren die in mew mew power?


In mew mew power is tard upset that dren is killed?

he doesnt know because he gets killed befor dren

What episode when dren in mew mew power bleed?

Episode 39

What episode of mew mew power do dren and zoey kiss?

Episode 3

Who plays kish in Tokyo mew mew?

In the anime adaptation, his voice actor is Daisuke Sakaguchi. In the Mew Mew Power English adaptation his name is changed to Dren and he is voiced by Andrew Rannells.

Does mark like dren on mew mew power?

probably not dren did try to kill mark and zoey on a few eps so id say no

In what episode does dren off of mew mew power die?

Either episode 52,53,or 54.