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Margot Robbie plays Donna Freedman in Neighbours.

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Margot Robbie

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Q: Who plays Donna Freedman in Neighbours?
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Who plays Ringo Brown in Neighbours?

Sam Clark plays Ringo Brown from Neighbours (donna's boyfriend & proposed)

When was Donna Freedman created?

Donna Freedman was created in 2008.

Who plays Donna Freedman's boyfriend in the TV show neighbors?

Donna Jane Brown prior Freedman is a character on the Neighbors. She does not have a boyfriend a she was starting a relationship with Ringo Brown, kissed Sunny Lee, and had a affair with Andrew Robinson.

How old is Donna Freedman?

She has just turned 18 on the 20th of October

In neighbors what is Donna's real name?

Donna freedman but who doesnt know her name if you don't and your looking her name up then u needa start watching neighbours more and i mean alot more!! The above answer wasn't mine, that answer doesn't answer this question. Her real name is Margot Robbie. Hope this helped. Steph ♥

Did Donna kiss Sonny on neighbors?

Yes! Donna did kiss sonny on neighbours but it was a friendly kiss.

Who is Sam Clark from neighbors girlfriend?

Donna Freedman played by Margot Robbie.

Who plays Libby in Neighbours?

Kym Valentine plays Libby in Neighbours

Who plays the role of Donna in 90210?

In 90210 (Beverly Hills) Tori Spelling plays the role of Donna.

Who plays Donna on hat 70's show?

Laura prepron plays Donna on that 70's show

What movie and television projects has Benjamin Grant Mitchell been in?

Benjamin Grant Mitchell has: Played Matt Freedman in "Neighbours" in 1985. Played Customer in "Neighbours" in 1985. Played Matt Freeman in "Neighbours" in 1985. Played Brad Willis in "Neighbours" in 1985. Played Cameron Hudson in "Neighbours" in 1985. Played Troy Keogh in "Blue Heelers" in 1994. Played Tommo in "Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla" in 2013.

What are the release dates for The Donna Reed Show - 1958 Donna Plays Cupid 1-21?

The Donna Reed Show - 1958 Donna Plays Cupid 1-21 was released on: USA: 11 February 1959