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Q: Who played the steel guitar ride on Linda Ronstadt's Blue Bayou?
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Who played the guitar solo on the linda ronstadt song when will I be loved?

Andrew Gold

What was linda ronstadts first?

First what? I will assume you mean either hit single or album. Her first album was with the Stone Poneys called Stone Poneys Featuring Linda Ronstadt. Her first solo album was Hand Sown Home Grown. Her first top 40 hit was Different Drum with the Stone Poneys. Her first solo top 40 hit was Long Long Time in 1970.

Who wrote blue bayou?

Roy Orbison-best version is Linda Rondstadt

Who played guitar on Linda Lyndell's song 'What a man'?

The guitar part was played by Reggie Young of the 'Memphis Boys.' Go to for more information on Reggie. Reggie also has a MySpace page at

Did crystal gale sing blue bayou?

No, Crystal Gayle did not sing "Blue Bayou." The song was actually originally performed by Roy Orbison in 1963 and later covered by Linda Ronstadt in 1977.

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Who played the guitar solo on the linda ronstadt song somewhere out there?

That would probably be Steve Lukather. This guy has played on a lot of hits with his guitar session work. At this link: "Greatest Hits: The Power of Great Music" was an album of James Ingram (the Male vocal in this tune) Steve is credited with playing guitar on this cut for that song on that album. That was a very great solo by the way, the guitar tone was so good.

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