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Justin Hartley

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Stephen Amell

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Q: Who played the character of the Green Arrow?
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Is Green Arrow a Marvel comics character?

No, Green Arrow is a character from DC Comics, not Marvel Comics. He is a skilled archer and a member of the Justice League.

Will green arrow be in The Avengers?

No, for the very good reason that Green Arrow is a DC character and the Avengers is a Marvel Comics property. The character you're probably thinking of (a superhero archer who is often associated with the Avengers) is Hawkeye, who will be in the Avengers movie, played by Jeremy Renner.

On Smallville this character made an appearance?

Green Arrow

What male superhero has bow and arrow?

In Marvel, Hawkeye is the main "bow and arrow" character. In DC, it's Green Arrow.

What was the first green arrow comic?

I'm actually quite proud to say I have it and got it for a dollar. :D Green Arrow didn't get his own comic until the 80s, but The cover shows Green Arrow in front of a target with bullets flying at him, as he shoots arrows. It was intended to be part of a series of 4 comic books. It's just called Green Arrow 1, or Green Arrow 1 of 4. Anyways I hope this helps?

What is a narrative of Hawkeye vs Green Arrow?

Hawkeye saw Green Arrow with Loki, Thor's brother. Hawkeye and Thor went to fight Loki. But they saw that Green Arrow was helping. "That's enough, green arrow man, you give up working with Loki." Thor threatened. "Justice is served, Thor." Green Arrow said. Green Arrow knocked Thor out. Hawkeye defeated Loki but Green Arrow struck him in the arm with an arrow. "Give up! I am Hawkeye." Hawkeye yelled. "Well, you are a crusader. You give up!" Green Arrow taunted. They began fighting. Hawkeye saw that Thor came back. "I remember you, Arrow boy! I am Thor!" Thor taunted. "And I am Green Arrow. You want to know about me?" Green Arrow teased. Thor took revenge for Odin. He killed Green Arrow and put Loki to jail.

Who plays the green arrow on Smallville?

Justin Hartley plays the GREEN ARROW!

Which character is played by Seth Green?

Seth Green voices Chris, Neil Goldman, Brian's son Dylan and the occasional various character.

Green Lantern vs Green Arrow who would win?

Now this is where things get difficult. Yes Green Lanturn can manifest anything he thinks of but on the other hand Green Arrow has an arrow for everything. My vote goes to Green Lanturn because he could create a simple spear and pierce Green Arrows' torso.

When a traffic light shows both a red light in a green arrow in the direction you wish to turn you?

If the green arrow shows for the direction you want to turn then you obey the green arrow, the red light is for all other traffic. The green arrow basically overrules the red light for the direction of the arrow.

Does the green arrow turn into the green lantern?


What is green and goes boom?

Green Arrow.