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Marcia Wallace

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Q: Who played the brash receptionist on The Bob Newhart Show?
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Long before she played edna krabapple on the simpsons marcia Wallace played carol the receptionist on what classic 70s tv show?

: The Bob Newhart Show

Who played howard borden's son on bob newhart show?

Moosier Drier

Bob Newhart and Bill Daily starred in which TV show?

Bob Newhart Show Did you know:"Bob Newhart Show" ran from 1972 to 1978.

Which character played in both Murphy brown and the bob newhart show?

Carol Kester

Who played trumpet for The Bob Newhart Show theme song?

some thick idoit

What is the duration of The Bob Newhart Show?

The duration of The Bob Newhart Show is 1500.0 seconds.

When is newhart season 2 coming out?

The Bob Newhart Show season 2 came out a while ago, in fact I own it. You can get it plus lots of great TV shows at Barnes & Nobles. If you are talking about the Newhart show, (There are two different shows, the Bob Newhart Show and the Newhart show) I have no idea. Sorry!

When was The Bob Newhart Show created?

The Bob Newhart Show was created on 1972-09-16.

When did The Bob Newhart Show end?

The Bob Newhart Show ended on 1978-04-01.

In what city did the bob newhart show take place in?

The original "Bob Newhart Show" took place in Chicago. Bob Newhart was born in the Chicago suburb or Oak Park.

In the Bob Newhart Show who was the patient who hated his mother?

That sounds like Mr. Carlin, played by Jack Riley.

What are the release dates for The Bob Newhart Show - 1961?

The Bob Newhart Show - 1961 was released on: USA: 10 October 1961