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The movie Slingblade was released in 1996. The boy was played by Lucas Black who now stars in the show NCIS: New Orleans.

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The main actor in Sling Blade is Billy Bob Thornton who played Karl Childers. Billy Bob Thornton also wrote and directed the movie which was released in 1996.

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Lucas Black

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Q: Who played the boy in sling blade?
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The duration of Sling Blade is 2.25 hours.

Who played the part of Vaughan Cunningham in Sling Blade?

John Ritter.

When was Sling Blade released?

Sling Blade was released on 11/20/1996.

When was Sling Blade created?

The movie was released in 1996.

How much money did Sling Blade gross domestically?

Blade Runner grossed $32,656,328 in the domestic market.

What city was sling blade filmed?

Sling Blade is a 1996 drama film set in rural Arkansas.

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