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The cast of The Bodyguard - 1992 includes: Tomas Arana as Portman Ethel Ayler as Emma Gerry Bamman as Ray Court Victoria Bass as Woman in Green Charles Bazaldua as TV Director Christopher Birt as Henry Sean Cheesman as Rory Bill Cobbs as Devaney Chris Connelly as Oscar Arrivals M.C. Kevin Costner as Frank Farmer Shaun Earl as Dancer David Foster as Oscar Conductor Joe Hess as Cuban Husband Donald Hotton as Reverend Hardy Whitney Houston as Rachel Marron Rollin Jarrett as Miami Reporter David Joseph Martinez as Raul Moreno-Janitor Al Kamarr as Guest at Dinner Danny Kamin as Thuringer Charles Keating as Klingman Gary Kemp as Sy Spector Dan Koko as Cameraman in Helicopter Michele Lamar Richards as Nicki Rosie Lee Hooks as Thrift Shop Owner Carla Lizzette Mejia as Fontainebleau Maid Tracye Logan as Girl on Stairway Amy Lou Dempsey as Little Girl at Restaurant DeVaughn Nixon as Fletcher Nathaniel Parker as Clive Healy Tony Pierce as Dan Douglas Price as Pantages Assistant Phil Redrow as Video Director Bert Remsen as Rotary Club President Debbie Reynolds as Debbie Reynolds Richard Schiff as Skip Thomas Stephen Shellen as Tom Winston Art Spaan as Billy Thomas Mike Starr as Tony Rob Sullivan as Best Sound Presenter John Tesh as Entertainment Tonight Host Mark Thomason as Killer with Mask Linda Thompson as Female Academy Member Susan Traylor as Dress Designer Joe Unger as Journalist Joe Urla as Minella Pat Van Patten as Woman in Restaurant Marta Velasco as Cleaning Woman Abbey Vine as Ben Shiller Ralph Waite as Herb Farmer Nita Whitaker as Oscar Singer Robert Wuhl as Oscar Host

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The characters were Frank Farmer and Rachel Marron, the actors were Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner.

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Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston. It is my favorite Romance movie by far. Definitely worth the three hours:)

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Kevin Costner

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Q: Who played the bodyguard in the movie bodyguard?
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What is the name of salman khan in bodyguard movie?

Salman Khan played the lead role in the movie Bodyguard. The name of the role was Bodyguard Lovely Singh. He played it opposite Kareena Kapoor.

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Who is the stalker in The Bodyguard?

Thomas Arana Is The Unknown Stalker In The Bodyguard Movie.

Whitney Houston starred in what movie?

The Bodyguard

When was the movie bodyguard filmed?

1991 nov. 25, 1992

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the bodyguard

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Is the movie bodyguard true?

No, it was an original screenplay by Lawrence Kasdan.

How many money earned by bodyguard movie?

215 crores

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