Who played the baby in the movie Labyrinth?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The baby, Toby, in the movie Labyrinth was played by Toby Froud.

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Q: Who played the baby in the movie Labyrinth?
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What is the name of the singer of the movie the labyrinth?

His name is David Bowie, he also played Jareth the Goblin King in the movie Labyrinth.

Who played Sarah in the movie Labyrinth?

Jennifer connelly

Does Sara the girl in the Labyrinth movie find her baby?

Yes, Sarah does find recover her baby brother Toby.

Remake of the 80s Movie Labyrinth?

David Bowie played Jareth the Goblin King in the 1986 film Labyrinth

Is there a Jim henson's the labyrinth 2?

No. But there is a Manga (Japanese comic book) called Return to the Labyrinth staring the now 15 year old Toby (baby from movie) continuing the story.

How old is Sarah in return to the labyrinth?

The movie Labyrinth was released in 1986 and was directed by Jim Henson. Jareth is played by David Bowie and 15 year old Sarah is played by Jennifer Connelly.

Who created the puppets for the movie labyrinth?

Jim Henson

Are they going to possibly make a labyrinth 2 movie?

No, there are no plans to make a second Labyrinth movie.

Is there a seconded Labyrinth movie to follow on from the first?

No, a part 2 was never made for the movie Labyrinth. However a Japanese Manga was written called 'Return To Labyrinth.'

Will they make A Sequel to the Labyrinth Movie?

The creators of the film are currently working on the sequal to The Dark Crystal. They have said that when they were done they would consider a sequal to Labyrinth. For an unnofficial sequal look for "Return to the Labyrinth" a manga book series by TokyoPop

What is Labyrinth in 1602?

Labyrinth in 1602 is a game played on the Minecraft server.

What is the baby's name off labyrinth?

Toby is Sarah's younger brother who gets wished away in Labyrinth