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The actor who played Neil Kellerman - Max Kellerman's nephew was played by Lonny Price

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Q: Who played max kellerman' s nephew in dirty dancing?
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Who played Max Kellerman in the movie Dirty Dancing?

Jack Weston played Max Kellerman

What was Mr Kellerman's name in Dirty Dancing?

Im 99% sure it is Max Kellerman.His nephew is Neil.

Who was the manager of kellermans in dirty dancing?

Max Kellerman is the manager of Kellerman's in Dirty Dancing.

What is the name of the resort that Baby and her family go to for vacation in the original Dirty Dancing movie?

The name of the fictional resort in Dirty Dancing is Kellerman's.

Is Kellerman still there?

Is kellerman still there in up state NY? And is that where dirty dancing filmed at that resort?

What is the name of Dirty Dancing holiday camp?

The name of the camp is Kellerman's.

What is the name of the holiday camp in Dirty Dancing?

The name of the Holiday camp that Dirty Dancing is set in is called Kellerman's and is owned and operated by Max Kellerman of whom Baby's father Dr. Jake Houseman is the personal physician.

What 80s musical was set in 1963 at kellerman's mountain house in the catskills?

Dirty Dancing

What is the origin of Kellerman's anthem from dirty dancing?

The 1857 ballad "Annie Lisle" is the parting song for the Kellerman Resort in the film Dirty Dancing. It was written by Boston-based songwriter H.S. Thompson. The song has been adopted by many universities as their alma mater song.

What does Max Kellerman call Vivian in dirty dancing?

Max says that Vivian is one of the bungalow bunnies.

In Dirty Dancing what dance does Neil Kellerman want Johnny to perform for the final dance?

In the film dirty dancing, the resort owner's grandson Neil Kellerman told Johnny he didn't want him doing the usual mambo at the end-of-season show. Instead, he suggests that they do the Pechanga.

Who plays baby in dirty dancing?

Jennifer Gray played baby in dirty dancing.