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Don Felder. If you check out the Eagles "Hell Freezes Over" video, Joe Walsh and Don Felder are both playing lead guitar.

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Q: Who played lead guitar with the eagles besides Joe Walsh was with the band since 1976?
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Songs joe Walsh sing with the eagles?

Joe Walsh joined the Eagles, replacing Bernie Leadon in 1976.

What is the first name of a guitarist named Walsh?

Joe Walsh from the Eagles and James Gang?

Who wrote the song hotel California?

I believe Don Felder played the first portion on an double neck SG/12string with Joe Walsh taking over with is supposed to have been a Les Paul in the second portion, and both play for the harmonizing at the end of the solo. Personally, it sounds like the first part is played on a gnarly-toned Fender Strat, though that may be due to the phase shifter thinning out the tone.

What are the names of the band members in the eagles?

1) Glenn Frey - vocals, guitars, keyboards, harmonica 2) Don Henley - vocals, drums, percussion, guitar 3) Joe Walsh - guitars, vocals, keyboards 4) Timothy B. Schmit - bass, vocals, acoustic guitar

Who played guitar on Rock 'N Roll Hoochie Koo?

Sounds like Joe Walsh playing the solo.

Who played the guitar solos on Randy Crawford's song You might need somebody?

Steve Lukather

Who are Members of the eagles now?

Don Felder Michael D Schmidt

Which members of the eagles went out on their own?

IfYou're Asking Which Eagles Members Went Solo, The Following Members Did: Don Henley, Glen Frey, Randy Meisner, Bernie Leadon, Timothy B. Schmidt, Don Felder. Joe Walsh Resumed His Solo Career After Eagles Disbanded. Walsh Was A Member Of The James Gang Prior To Establishing Solo Career. Joe Walsh Joined Eagles ( NOT THE EAGLES) In 1975.

Who played the guitar solo in Rod Stewart's The First Cut Is The Deepest?

Take your pick from Steve Cropper, Willie Weeks, Joe Walsh, J. Davis, David Lindley, or Fred Tackett who all played guitar on the album Night On The Town

Who sang the song lifes been good to me?

Joe Walsh (of the Eagles)-1978

Who did Joe Walsh play for before going solo?

The James Gang and then the Eagles.

What eagles song does joe Walsh want translated in Chinese?

hotel California