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Adam West

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Q: Who played batman in the 1960?
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Who played Batman in the 1960's tv series?

Adam west

Adam West played Spider Man in a 1960's television series?

False - He played Batman

What was Burt Ward's name on the 1960's TV show Batman?

He played Dick Grayson/Robin.

When was Batman Petrolspor created?

Batman Petrolspor was created in 1960.

What actors played batman and robin in the original 1960's television?

Adam West played Batman and Burt Ward played Robin.

Who played batman in batman returns?

Micheal Keaton played Batman in Batman Returns.

Who played Batman in 1966?

Adam West played Batman in 1966.

Who played the joker in batman movies?

The Joker character was not in 'Batman Returns', but he was in the 1989 version 'Batman' played by Jack Nicholson.

Who played Batman forever?

Val Kilmer played Batman in the movie "Batman Forever," which was released in 1995.

What is the name of the actor who played Batman in 1950 and 1960?

No actors portrayed Batman in the 1950's on stage, screen, or the new invention television. There was no radio show for Batman, but he did appear often on the The Adventures of Supermanfrom about 1945 to its end in 1951, and was portrayed by the voice actors, Matt Crowley, Stacy Harris, Gary Merrill. In 1966 Bob Kane and Lorenzo Semple, Jr. developed the television show Batman for ABC. The actor Adam West played Batman on the Television series.

Who played batman in batman forever?

Val kilmer

What actors played batman and robin in the original tv series?

Adam West played Batman and Burt Ward played Robin in the original TV series "Batman" that aired from 1966 to 1968.