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ricky fataar

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Q: Who played accordion on boz scaggs fly like a bird?
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What instruments are played in Russia?

In Russia they play folk music with instruments such as the Piano accordin called a Bayan. it plays like a piano accordion but insted it is a cromatic button accordion. Also the bellalika is played in russia. it is like a guitar

What type of music is the accordion play in?

The accordion plays romantic and clasical music. Most people don't like the accordion but I do and s dose my friend

How do you play an accordion?

An accordion has keys like a piano as well as some buttons that you press while squeezing.

How many keys does an accordion have?

The number of keys on an accordion is highly variable. A typical accordion like the stradella has 120 keys in 3 rows. The smallest accordion ever made had 31 keys and the largest had 405 keys.

Who sings the song that sounds like lito whoa?

Boz Scaggs. Lido, I believe.

Is an accordion a woodwind instrument?

No. the accordion is not a woodwind instrument. Woodwind instruments are blown through, like the saxophone, clarinet, or flute. The accordion does not require blowing from your mouth. The accordion is in the free reed aerophone family, which means the noise/ air is made by bellows.

What does an accordion sound like?

the accordion sounds a little smooth and a little rusty mixed together which creates a lovely texture.<3

What barometer is a spring inside an accordion like metal?

Dang it

What do the switches do on a accordion?

The "switches" on an accordion are called "registers." What they do is they change the sound of the accordion. Examples of registers include "Clarinet," which will make the accordion have a higher, lighter clarinet like sound. Another is "Bassoon" which has a much deeper tone to it. Most full size accordion have up to 11 of these switches. A student instrument might only have three basic ones.

Who sings the song with the lyrics 'i wonder wonder wonder who got you thinking like that'?

Boz Scaggs

What is the best practice for beginning accordion?

Before learning the accordion it would be advisable to consider what type of accordion you would like to play. There are many types available such as chromatic, diatonic and piano accordions. Once you know what type of accordion you would like to play you should then rent or purchase a beginners accordion. Larger accordions are not great for learning at the early stages as they are very heavy musical instruments and would cost more than a beginners accordion. Then try looking for an accordion tutor in your locality. Learning accordion music from a teacher makes the whole learning process a lot easier in comparison to learning the accordion by yourself. Accordion tutors will give you feedback on your good and bad points and will definitely guide you in the right direction. There are also many beginner accordion books available on-line with the best ones having an instructional DVD accompanying the book. When practising, try to focus on your mistakes as this will make you a better player.

What are earthquake waves that compress and the ground like an accordion?

P waves