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Brian Stepanek "Stepanek is best known for his role as Arwin in the Disney Channel sitcom The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. He also guest starred in the sixth episode of The Suite Life on Deck, It's All Greek to Me as Arwin and Milos, and in CSI: Miami. Other roles include "The Mathter" on Kim Possible, "Nugent the Dog" in Over the Hedge, Gandu Three Echo in the film The Island and a Sector Seven Agent in Transformers. He played the Riddler in one ad from the Batman OnStar commercials. " Source:

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In Batman (1966) and the 1960's TV series Batman, Frank Gorshin played the part of the Riddler.

In Batman Forever (1995), Jim Carey played the part.

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Q: Who played Riddler in the OnStar Batman commercials?
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Who played the riddler in Batman forever?

Jim Carey.

Frank Gorshin played this character on the TV series Batman?

He played the "Riddler" See related link for more details. Frank Gorshin was the Riddler in the Batman series.

What is the name of Jim Carrey's character in the movie Batman Forever?

Edward Nigma (E.Nigma). The Riddler.

Who played the riddler in batman?

Jim Carey.

Who played the Riddler in the tv series Batman?

"Batman" (1966). Frank Gorshin. "Batman Forever" (1995). Jim Carrey.

Was Jim Carrey In A Bat Man Movie?

Yes he played the Riddler, sorry, can't remember which Batman though, but I know George Clooney was Batman.

What is The Riddler's first name in Batman comics?

In the comics, movies, and animated series, the Riddler's "secret" identity is Edward Nigma (E. Nigma). The Riddler is played by actor Jim Carrey in Batman Forever.

Will Harley Quinn be in Batman 3?

Unfortunatley, no. The next Batman is going to be directed by Tim Burton. The villains will be the Riddler and Catwoman as played by Burton's two favorite actors. <- This is wrong, the next movie will be directed by Christopher Nolan. The Riddler is not going to be in it but Catwoman will be. The pics on google are incorrect and are just fan art. Can't wait!!

Who has played The Riddler?

* Batman (TV series) and Batman (1966 film) - Frank Gorshin * Batman Forever (1995 film) - Jim Carrey * Challenge of the Super Friends (TV series) - Michael Bell (voice) * Batman: The Animated Series (TV series) - John Glover (voice) * The Batman (TV series) - Robert Englund (voice) The Riddler has also made short, one-time appearances in various other Batman cartoons. These are all uncredited, and usually modeled after Frank Gorshin's interpretation of the character.

Will there be a 3 Batman movie?

Chris Nolan has comfermed that he hasn't written a script for Batman 3 but he might but it would take around 2 years 2 do. Also if there is 1, there might be the riddler played by jonney depp due to Chris wanting him in a Batman film.

Is Riddler in the next Batman film?

The cast for the next Batman film has not been confirmed yet. It is possible that the character of Riddler could make an appearance, but we will have to wait for official announcements to know for sure.

Who's going to be joker in the third batman movie?

It's going to be me it could be johnny depp but he may play riddler instead, or it can be that guy who played gambit in x-men origins