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Q: Who played Rachel on the TV show 'Family Matters'?
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Who is Steven Urkle?

A geek from the 1980's show Family Matters he's played by Jaleel white

What was the name of the actor who played Steve Urkel on the TV show 'Family Matters'?

Jaleel White

What tv show was urkel in?

Family Matters

Who owns the show family matters?

me lol

Is anyone on the show family matters gay?

No, that show had no openly gay actors.

Who plays the role of rebecca on no ordinary family?

Rachel Miner I'm not sure why she isn't credited but I knew I recognized her. She played the secretary in the show Californication.

TV show with family in title?

family ties family matters family guy all in the family modern family

What are the release dates for Family Matters - 1989 The Show Must Go On 3-3?

Family Matters - 1989 The Show Must Go On 3-3 was released on: USA: 4 October 1991

The Jeffersons was a spinoff from what show?

It is NOT Flintstones or Family matters. I got these wrong.

What TV show contained a character called Erkel?

Family Matters

Which TV show featured Urkel?

Family Matters [1989-1998]

Who created the TV show Family Matters?

William Bickley and Michael Warren