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Chelsie Padley.

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Q: Who played Louis in The Story Of Tracy Beacker?
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Was abi branning from eastenders in the story of Tracy beacker?

No she wasn't.

What age is lily in Tracy beacker returns?

Lily kettle is 13 in tracy beacker retuns

What age was rick rarber in Tracy beacker returns?

Rick Rarber was 17 in the show tracy beacker returns

How old is Tracy beacker?

Tracy Becker is 21.

Is Tracy Beacker a boy?

No. Tracy beaker is not a boy

What age is Liam odonoven in Tracy beacker returns?

Liam odonoven was 15 before he left tracy beacker returns

Does Crash like Tracy in 'Tracy Beacker'?

Yes, he loves her!

What is Tracy Beacker's favorite color?


What age is Saphire fox in the show Tracy beacker returns?

Saphire fox was 16 before she left tracy beacker returns and moved out of the dumping ground

What is Tracy beacker returns drama series all about?

Tracy beacker is a new tv show about a girl who lived in the dumping ground and now works in the smae place.

What is the 1 Tracy beaker code?

beacker 1

Who writes the Tracy Beaker books?

Jacqueline Wilson wrote the stories of Tracy beacker