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Shelley Long

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Q: Who played Diane on TV's Cheers?
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Who replaced Diane in the 3rd season of TV's Cheers?

Rebecca Howe

How long was Shelley long on the tv show cheers?

Shelley Long, who played the character Diane Chambers on the TV show Cheers, appeared on the show for five seasons from 1982 to 1987.

Who were the barmaids on cheers tv show?

Rhea Perlman played Carla Tortelli on Cheers. She was the barmaid. Rebecca was the manager.

Who played the part of Rebecca Howe in the sitcom Cheers on television?

Diane-Shelley Long Rebecca-Kirstie Alley Carla-Rhea Perlman Lilith-Bebe Neurith

In 1987 what TV character left Cheers saying she'd be back in just just six months only to end up writing TV scripts Who is she?

Diane Chambers

Who played the character woody Boyd on Cheers?

The actor Woody Harrelson (born July 23, 1961) played Woody Boyd on the TV series "Cheers" from 1985 to 1993.

What movie and television projects has Diane Hill been in?

Diane Hill has: Played Diane the Weather Lady in "2 Shocking 4 TV" in 2003. Played Candace De Luna in "Beyond the Pale" in 2007. Played Sarah in "Mideast Midwest" in 2008. Played Miss Caroline in "War Flowers" in 2012. Played Pam in "She Lights Up Well" in 2014.

Who was Diane's nemesis on Cheers?


On the TV show Cheers who played the character Norm Peterson?

George Wendt

Which Cheers characters had a facial tic?


What is the episode where Diane leaves cheers?

The episode in which Diane left Cheers was "I Do, Adieu." it was the fifth season finale episode and it aired on May 7, 1987. Diane left to hone her writing talents.

What movie and television projects has Diane Adams been in?

Diane Adams has: Played herself in "Toast of the Town" in 1948. Played Diane in "Young Americans" in 1967. Played Hospital Volunteer in "Striptease" in 1996. Played School Secretary in "Wild Things" in 1998. Played Counselor in "Burn Notice" in 2007. Played Chaperone in "Magic City" in 2012.