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Malvina Reynolds

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Q: Who owns the rights to the song little boxes?
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Who owns the rights to the music of Cream?

There is no single rightsholder; it varies from song to song.

Who owns the rights to the song cocaine by Eric Clapton?

JJ cale

Who owns the copyright to the song Georgia on My Mind?

Rights are administered by Peermusic.

How do you get permission to cover a song?

Typically to use song rights you must contact the studio, artist, or production company that owns the song. Once in contact you can purchase the song rights.

Little boxes on the hillside Little boxes made of ticky-tacky Little boxes little boxes Little boxes all the same This song lyric describes the residential communities that sprung up after WW?

the answer is yes.... there made from wood but im not sure which kind of wood

Who owns publishing rights to the Carl Thomas song Emotional?

EMI April.

Who owns the publishing rights to the song el cerrito place?

Gattis Music, BMI

Who owns the copyright to sweet little willy song?


Who owns the copyrights to the song hello hello?

Little Ruby Tunes.

Who owns the copyrights for recorded song lyrics?

Copyright covers written word only, but there are other rights over property such as recorded sound. The recording company owns the rights to the sound, and the recording company got the rights to the song lyrics from whichever songwriter copyrighted the lyrics themselves.

Val sang a song about ticky tacky was it about boxes?

The song is called Little Boxes and it is by Malvina Reynolds and was also recorded by Pete Seger. It is now the theme song for the Showtime series called Weeds

Who owns the rights to the song The Chattanooga Choo-Choo?

Warner controls the underlying song, but certain arrangements, performances, and recordings will have their own protection.