Who made the song low rider famous?

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"Low Rider" is a song written by the band War and appearing on their album Why Can't We Be Friends?, released in 1975. It reached number one on the Billboard R&B charts and peaked at number 7 on the PopSingles chart.

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Q: Who made the song low rider famous?
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Who originally sang the song low rider?

The song was originally written and played by the band, War. It appeared on their album, Why Can't We Be Friends? in 1975.

Who sang low rider?


Who originlly sang low rider?


Does zz top sing low rider?

No, this is a common mistake. It was recorded by the band, War.. and According to WIkapedia...The song has been covered by the following artists: Willy DeVilleCarlos SantanaBlues TravelerBona Fide on their album "The Poe House"Peter CeteraCypress HillThe Fantômas Melvins Big BandGeorge ClintonEarth Eatz Dog - on their album Sniff This!Epsilon MinusExodusGary Hoey (this version is played at the start of the Greg and the Morning Buzz radio show each day)Andy Offutt IrwinJFATerry KathKid Frost and Latin AllianceKornLook PeopleKurt CobainPaul RodriguezPhishPopa Chubby featuring GaleaQuando QuangoSon Of DaveCedar WaltonWidespread PanicBarry White[2] [3]Yukon KorneliusWarren Hill from his 2005 album PopJazz [4][5]Many P2P networks credit the War version of the track to ZZ Top, but the band has never recorded a version of the song."Low Rider" was sampled by The Offspring in the remix version of "Pretty Fly (for a White Guy)"."Low Rider" was sampled by Tito & Tarantula on the track "Bullets From a Gun".War's "Low Rider" was also significantly sampled by The Beastie Boys for their track "Slow Ride" on the 1986 album Licensed to Ill.The song "Jorge Regula" by The Moldy Peaches borrowed the main riff from "Low Rider".Sublime sampled the song in the bassline of Forman Freestyle on disc 2 of Everything Under the Sun.The song "Surfin Buena Park" by The Ziggens borrowed the main riff from "Low Rider".Jazz funk/Contemporary jazz instrumental group Bona Fide covered the song from their 2001 album "The Poe House."[6]An spanish version of mexican group Banda Pachuco was recorded in 1996 for the album with the same name.

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