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Q: Who lady won first gyan peeth award?
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Who was the first Indian lady to win Grammy award?

Tanvi shah

First lady who won Oscar award for India?

Bhanu Athaiya.

What was Lady Gagas first award?

The ESKA Music Awards were established by the Polish radio station ESKA and are held annually in Poland. Gaga has received two award. For Best New Artist and Best International artist. And it was the first award that Lady Gaga received in her career.

Who was the first European player to win the Lady Byng Award?

The first European to win the Lady Byng was Jari Kurri of the Edmonton Oilers in 1985.

Did taylor swift win a award at the 2012 kids choice awards?

yes she won the big help award. The first lady gave it to her.

This award winning gospel artist with over 40 albums under her belt is affectionately called the first lady of gospel?

This award-winning Gospel artist with over 40 albums under her belt is affectionately called "The First Lady of Gospel?"

Who was the first lady recipient of Dada Saheb Phalke Award?

Devika Rani - Actress in 1970

Who was the first lady of njanapeedam award winner?

G shankara kurup

Which first lady won an Emmy Award for her televised tour of the white house?

Jacqueline Kennedy

What are some facts about ella Fitzgerald?

ella fitzgerald won 13 grammys award shewas the first lady of jazz her nickname was lady ella

Which Indian lady writer won the Commonwealth Award for her first novel 'Difficult Daughters'?

Manju Kapur

Who won the first Lady Byng Trophy?

The firs Lady Byng was awarded by Lady Byng herself to Frank Nighbor of the Ottawa Senators. She later gave it to the NHL to be used as an official NHL award.