Who kills orochimaru?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Sasuke kills orochimaru then uses his body to take power from him and then kabuto uses the rest and later kills deidaara and itachi plus da only reason orochimaru wantedsasuke woz 2 tke da sharingan off him :P

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Itachi did... He absorbed Orochimaru when Sasuke used his powers on his fight against Itachi

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**Spoiler Alert!!**

Sasuke was the one who devoured Orochimaru.

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Q: Who kills orochimaru?
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Who kills the 3rd Hokage?


Is orochimaru in Shippuden?

yea and sasuke kills him

Will naruto beat orochimaru at last?

No Sasuke is the one that kills orochimaru after he has completey surpassed in his training.

Does Naruto Kill Orochimaru?

sasuke kills orochimaru cuz he was tired of him controling him and THATS the truth

Did Sasuke take orochimaru powers?

Yes. Sasuke kills him and 'absorbs' him, or takes the power of the white snake that was inside Orochimaru.

Who told Sasuke that orochimaru kills thosands of life for only his selfish?

Perhaps he found out himself or Orochimaru told him. After leaving Konoha, Orochimaru wasen't that much secret about the operations, and Orochimaru claimed that he hated lies.

Does Sasuke abandon orochimaru when he join's the akatsuki and forms team hawk?

yes the team was first called team snake until sasuke kills orochimaru Yeah, but let me explain to you the situation in order: 1- He kills Orochimaru 2- He forms team snake. 3- He then forms team hawk. 4- After he kills Itachi, he then joins Akatsuki.

Does orochimaru die in Naruto Shippuden?

Yes, Orochimaru does die. When Orochimaru tries to hold Sasuke in one place so Orochimaru can inhabit Sasuke's body and control the Sharingan he possesses, Sasuke uses the Sharingan against him and kills Orochimaru, all before his assistant comes back after he left to take care of some business.

Sasuke kills orochimaru?

No sasuke doesn't kill orouchimaru, he just seals him

Now that Sasuke is with orochimaru do sakura still like Sasuke?

yup sasuke marries sakura (sasuke kills orochimaru) and naruto marries hinata

Did they ever get Sasuke back from Orochimaru's control?

Yes, Naruto eventually convinces Sasuke to leave Orochimaru and return to the village. Sasuke ultimately breaks free from Orochimaru's control and seeks to redeem himself for his past actions.

Who will kill orochimaru?

When Orochimaru was transforming, Sasuke enters the room and tried to kill him. Orochimaru is in Sasuke, but Sasuke took over Orchimaru so Sasuke has full control of his own body. During Itachi's final battle, Itachi finds that Orochimaru is still alive in Sasuke, so Itachi drove Orochimaru out and kills him. Part of Orochimaru is in Kabuto after Sasuke and Orochimaru's fight, so Orochimaru might not be dead, but Orochimaru is mainly killed by Sasuke. The answers you find here are all found from the manga we read.