Who killed sasori?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It was the combination of Sakura and Chiyo (his grandmother)

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sakura and elder chiyo killed sasori while fightng him. go to YouTube and check it out

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Q: Who killed sasori?
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Who killed sasori Sama?

The one who killed Sasori was Chiyo (using the puppets he made when he was a child. Those puppets looked like his parents).

What did Kakashis dad do to sasori?

Kakashi's dad, Sakumo Hatake, defeated Sasori in battle during the Third Great Ninja War. Sakumo's victory over Sasori, who was known as "Sasori of the Red Sand," contributed to his reputation as the White Fang of Konoha.

Who is Sasori parents?

i don't know there but hey were killed by kohana white fang kakashi's father

What episode is diedara and sakura?

if you mean fighting then never. Sakura and SASORI battled. she battled with lady chio againsed sasori, people who fought deidara were Naruto, Kakashi, and Sasuke. but deidara killed himself by detonating himself.

Who is stronger Deidara or Sasori?

Sasori is much stronger than Deidara, Deidara has already stated that Sasori is stronger than him...... the pairs in the Akatsuki are always designed to have one stronger, and one weaker.... just like how Itachi is stronger than Kisame, and Pein is stronger than Konan...... in their aspect Sasori is the stronger of the two.Btw, Sasori was not killed by Sakura and Chiyo..... if you watch the episode where he died..... you will see that he let them kill him, as stated by Chiyo...... Deidara is not powerful at all.... he's probably either the weakest or the second weakest out of the Akatsuki, with Sasori probably in the top 5........ Sasori is too underrated, while Deidara is too overrated........

What village is sasori from?

Sasori is from the Sand Village.

How do you write Sasori in Japanese kanji?

'Sasori' ("scorpion") is written: 蠍

What did orochimaru do to sasori?

Orochimaru wasn't killed, just sealed. This is the start of Orochimaru and Sasuke's fight, continue reading till he is sealed. Copy and paste the link below to read the manga in english

How do you get pupet form sasori in Naruto legends akatsuki rising?

you can't get puppet form sasori you can only play with sasori hiruko and sasori with the third kazekage

Why did Sasori died 2 times He was killed by chiyo first Then got reanimated by Kabuto Then died again But why?

His soul found peace.

What does the symbol on sasori's chest mean?

Scorpion (Sasori)

Where did Sasori come from?

sasori came from sand village