Who is zuzana spears?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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She is a YouTube workout star and a pornstar from Czech.

AKA Zuzana Light.

As of October 2011 looks like loving hubby Fredie who lives with his mummy is

trying go take over the fitness web site alonng with his brother and push Suz out.

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Q: Who is zuzana spears?
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Is Zuzana Light susana spears?

Yes, it is the same person. Youtube fitness queen = Zuzana Light Naughty movie star = Susana Spears Same person but uses different names.

Who is susana spears?

Czech model-ex porn star, current fitness model-trainer (Zuzana - BodyRock.Tv). She is known for her perfectly sculpture like body. Real name Zuzana Majorová.

Who is Zuzana Bodyrock?

Zuzana Bodyrock's full name is actually Zuzana Light.According the the website, she and her husband/boyfriend (Federick) currently live in NYC, but the same site also says that they split their time between the Czech Republic and Canada.Updates: Currently, Zuzana is devoting all of her time to help people lose weight. All of her youtube videos are viral. See related sources for more info.Also:She was also a adult model at some point under the stage name Suzana Spears!

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