Who is yang yoseob?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yang Yoseob is a member of the Korean boy band Beast (or B2ST). He is known as the cute one in the group and is often reffered to playfully as the "pet idol" because of his extreme cuteness. His was born on January 5th 1990 in Seoul, South Korea. Before the filming of the "Bad Girl" music video, he made the decision to bleach his hair and scalp bright blonde which he later said was one of the most painful things he's ever done because the bleached burned. :( Hope this helped. I'm a HUGE fan of B2ST <333

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Q: Who is yang yoseob?
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Which is yang yoseob fav color?


Yang yoseob plastic sugery?

no, he hasnt

How tall is Yang Yoseob is?

His height is 174cm or 5ft 7in

What is yo seob's real name?

It's just Yang YoSeob

Does Yang Yoseob have a girfriend?

No he doesnt, fortunately, but he seems to have a crush on IU

Is Yang Yoseob cute?

Heck yes! Go such his name in google images and he is cute!

Did yang yoseob married?

No, he didn't. He just got a crush on IU. He is single for while.

Where yang yoseob live?

He live in a county called South Korea. Seoul is the capital of this county. :) &#128540;:p :D

How old is yang yoseob?

He was born on January 5th, 1990. He is 20 years old. &lt;3 ~Mrs. Son Dong Woon

Did Yang Yoseob undergo surgery?

not plastic surgery but he had surgery for his throat cuz he had laryngitis and wasn't able to project his voice properly.

Who are the members of B2ST?

Yoon DuJun or DooJoon Jang HyunSeung Yong Junhyung Yang Yoseob Lee Gikwang Son DongWoon

Does yoseob have a Facebook?

yes yoseob has Facebook.