Who is xochitl?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I'm not quite sure but i think she was an Aztec princess how died caus of her jelous ex husband. yes maybe true but its really means FLOWER

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Q: Who is xochitl?
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What is xochitl?

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The cast of Raskin - 2010 includes: Joshua Raskin as Raskin Xochitl Romero as Xochitl

Who is mother of Exodus Tyson?

Sol Xochitl

What movie and television projects has Xochitl Romero been in?

Xochitl Romero has: Played Number Thirteen in "Friday Night Lights" in 2006. Played Penelope in "Temple Grandin" in 2010. Played Xochitl in "Raskin" in 2010. Played Nicki Andrade in "Dance with the One" in 2010. Performed in "The Foodie Girls" in 2011. Played Ms. Hidef in "Woggie" in 2012.

Was xochitl an Aztec princess?

Yes Xochitl was a Aztec princess and she did exist. I know because I am a direct decendcent of her and I am named after her and so was my grandmother, my great grandmother, and so on, and have been taught since I was a child everything about her and the importance of keeping the truth alive. She was The Daughter of an Aztec Emperior. She was promised to an aztec warrior her father approved of, but she was also the mistress of Cortez. The Conquistitors were assassinating various Indian tribes in thier search for gold. She made a deal with Cortez in order to save her family and tribe. She got the aztec warriors drunk and had sex with them. When they passed out, Cortez's army slaughtered them in thier sleep. Princess Xochitl's family fled the area and settled in the Larado, Texas area. The Aztec warrior she was promised to was away when the event happened. When he returned and saw what happened, he eventually tracked her down and killed her. That is what the famous drawing of the Princess Xochitl reflects: The warrior holding a dead princess Xochitl. When the Mexican American revolution happened, the American goverenment granted Princess Xochitl's Tribe land outside of Larado with a treaty in exchange for staying out of the war. Once the war was won, the goverenment began taxing the land and eventually reclaimed it due to backtaxes, which was supposed to be tax free according to the treaty. My ancestors Lived there for many decades. The name is pronounced "Zoe-che-tul" in The Aztec Language, In spanish it is pronounced "So-chill" ' And the nickname is "So-chee". It Means Flower in Aztec, Is the goddess of wine and love, and is the holiday of flowers on the Aztec calender. The princess Xochitl made a hard choice, but saved the Aztec bloodline which still exists and runs strong through my ancesters, me and my decendents, and we are proud and strong. Written By: Xochitl H., a proud direct decendent of the Aztec princess Xochitl.

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Monika Turner Sol Xochitl is Exodus's mother and Ex-girlfriend of mike tyson.

Who is darin zanyar dating?

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The cast of A Dream Tonal - 2008 includes: Jacinto Aganza as Julian Anais Herrera as Xochitl

What is a word beginning with X?

A xenoglossy is a person with the ability to speak a foreign language without learning it. A xochitl is a large, blue flower.

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