Who is wagbo?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Wagbo is a comedy character from Harry Hills TV Burp.

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Q: Who is wagbo?
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Where did the word supermarket come from?

From vagner, wagbo's tummei

Where is wagbo?

he was last seen in the TV burp studio

Where can you buy the gorgeous beast wagbo from?

Harry Hill's Studio

Is Wagbo dead?

No , it isn't dead. Harry hill was attacked by two wagbos last week and then the Knitted Character shot them. However , Harry then decided that wagbo shouldn't be a feature anymore , but it may return in the future.

In what shop can you buy wagbo's wig?

the wagbo wig shop. Here you can find. Top is quality, you can customize all kinds of wigs, cheap,.Human hairand synthetic wigs, and wigs filament temperature can also be your perm. There are some stock lace front synthetic wig.

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Mick foley in the old days of ecw. (mick foley vs sabu) WAGBO was there.

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no he lived in a bachelor pad with Wagner, they loved each other but then Wagner fell for Mary and before long wagbo was born.

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Wagner does finantial maths and Mary does commercial maths their brilliance combined makes wagbo source: wagbos autobiography

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