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No, She Is Single But Have A Daughter Named Peytion

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Tynisha Keli Dose Not Any Kids But;She Has A Daughter Name Peytion

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Q: Who is tynisha keli boyfriend?
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Tynisha keli real name?

tynisha keli is her real name.

Who is Tynisha Keli?

Tynisha keli is a rising R&B artist.

Who is the lead singer on i wish you loved me by tynisha keli?

Tynisha Keli

Do tynisha keli have kids?

Tynisha keli is not married and does not have any kids

When is Tynisha Keli's birthday?

Tynisha Keli`s Birthday is on July 28Th -Troopz

Is Tynisha Keli married?


Is tynisha keli an only child?


Who is tynisha keli dating?

No one at the moment

Who is Tynisha Keli's role model?


Where was tynisha keli born?

New Bedford, Massachusetts

What record company is tynisha keli with?

Warner Japan

How did Tynisha Keli's father die?

I think he was shot