Who is tony molina?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Tony Molina is a Cuban American salsa vocalist and drummer, who has become famous throughout the Americas over the past few decades for his Latin music performances, recordings and concerts. An elderly man now, he released his first album in 1954, and over the years has worked with the likes of Ella FitzGerald, Sammy Davis Jnr. and Tony Bennet. He is still active as a musician, and has his own website, through which bookings can be made for his live gigs. Tony Molina is also the name of a cinematographer and photographer based in Los Angeles (sometimes credited as 'Tony Molina Jnr.'), who has worked on the production teams of a number of high-profile movies, and had commissions to photograph several famous people and major events. He has his own website, and also a slot on MySpace. There is also an actor called Tony Molina, who has been starring in US television series's since the mid 1990s, including 'The Gambler', 'The Big Easy', 'Odd Girl Out' and 'In The Electric Mist'. There are also two guys on FaceBook called Tony Molina, one of whom is based in New York and the other (known as Tony Molina Espigares) who is in Granada, Spain.

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Q: Who is tony molina?
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