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'Chrome Shelled Regios' manga is written by Shusuke Amagi ; the anime series is written by Mamiko Ikeda .

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Q: Who is the writer of Chrome Shelled Regios?
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In chrome shelled regios who ends up with layfon?


Are they going to make a second season of Chrome Shelled Regios?

So far, there is no news on a second season of Chrome Shelled Regios. But considering the way it ended, there might be one. Since it was kinda like an open ending. We don't exactly know what is behind Leerin and Layfon. And what Grendan has actually planned.

What is an anime like the sacred blacksmith?

Record of Lodoss War OVA , Chrome Shelled Regios and Tatakau Shisho: The Book of Bantorra .

Does Nina love layfon in chrome shelled regios?

yeah, i would say she has feelings for him....but so has like 4 other girls xD

Who does Layfon end up dating in Chrome Shelled Regios?

He doesn't wind up dating anyone, which annoyed me to no end. He doesn't even kiss any of the girls.

What is the name of the Song that plays during the Preview of the next episode of Chrome Shelled Regios?

There are actually quite a few different versions of the same songs played, in the ending of the anime.Here is a list of them so you may want to listen to them or just know them."Yasashii Uso" by Chrome Shelled"Yasahii Uso feat Felli Loss" by Chrome Shelled feat. Felli Loss (eps 4,9,11)"Yasahii Uso feat Nina Antalk" by Chrome Shelled feat. Nina Antalk (eps 5,7,10)"Yasahii Uso feat Leerin Marfes" by Chrome Shelled feat. Leerin Marfes (eps 6,12)"Ai no Zuellni" by Chrome Shelled (eps 13-15,17-22,24)"Ai no Zuellni feat Mayshen Torinden" by Chrome Shelled feat. Mayshen Torinden (ep 16)"Ai no Zuellni feat Leerin Marfes" by Chrome Shelled feat. Leerin Marfes (ep 23) I hope my information helped!

How many episodes are there in chrome shelled regios?

To clarify the confusion on this topic, Chrome Shelled Regios is broken into parts, not seasons, and there are two parts already out. However, if you watch the end of the last episode of part II, you will see the line "Dedicated to all those who have loved Chrome Shelled Regios, and to the memory of Tetsuya Koiso." Since Tetsuya Koiso was the Production Coordinator, it is unlikely, but not impossible, that they will make a third part. To this point, there has not been an announcement of plans to make a third part. So basicly ur say there isnt going to be a third part to this

When does the next chrome shelled regios chapter come out?

It depends if you mean in the anime, then there is no oficial release date but i am sure that is gonna be one, from what i read, in April 2010.if you write zexcs at wikipedia you will find out for sure.So have hope for this new year.Hope my information helped!

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