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the plans as of yet is for chris jericho to win the rumble go on to wrestlemania to face cm punk for the title inbetween elimination chamber and wrestlemania they will be fueding on raw

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Q: Who is the winner of 2011 WWE royal rumble?
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Who is the winner of royal rumble 2011?

the winner of wwe royal rumble 2011 is ALBERTO DEL RIO

Who will be the winner in the royal rumble in 2011 WWE?

Alberto Del Rio

Who is the winner of WWE 30-man royal rumble?

In 2011 it was Alberto Del Rio

Was chris Jericho in the 2011 WWE royal rumble?

No he wasn't in the 2011 Royal Rumble he left the WWE in 2009!

Who is 2010 WWE royal rumble winner?


Who won WWE 2012 royal rumble?

The winner of the 2012 Royal Rumble was The Great White Sheamus

Who was the winner of WWE royal rumble 1999?

Vince McMahon

When is 2011 WWE royal rumble?

this Sunday

When is the WWE 2011 royal rumble?

January 30 2011

Did hhh enter the WWE royal rumble 2011?


When is the WWE coming to Boston in 2011?

Royal Rumble

The WWE royal rumble 2011?

alberto del rio