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Shaina magdayao

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Q: Who is the wife of vhong Navarro?
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What is the birth name of Vhong Navarro?

Vhong Navarro's birth name is Ferdinand Hipolito Navarro.

What nicknames does Vhong Navarro go by?

Vhong Navarro goes by Mr. Suave.

When was Vhong Navarro born?

Vhong Navarro was born on January 4, 1977.

Did vhong navarro died?


What is the true name of vhong Navarro?

Ferdinand Hipolito Navarro

How tall is vhong Navarro?


Who is vhong Navarro's girlfriend?

shaina magdayao

Who is the best dancer in the Philippines?

Vhong Navarro

How many year old is vhong Navarro?


In the Philippines what is vhong Navarro cellphone no?

Vhong Navarro is a very popular actor and dancer from the Philippines. He is part of the dance group Steelboys. His cell phone number is not publicized for privacy reasons.

What is Vhong Navarro Haircut Called?

what hair cut is this?

What is Vhong Navarro known for?

Vhong Navarro is most well known for being a famous Filipino actor. He is also well known for other exploits in show business, such as being a comedian, dancer, and singer.