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Fats Navarro (who was replaced by Miles Davis)

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Q: Who is the trumpet player that replaced Dizzy Gillespie in Billy Eckstine's band?
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What instrument did dizzy gillespie?

He was nothing but a trumpet player.

Who was the trumpet player with really big cheeks?

Dizzy Gillespie

Who is famous for a bent up trumpet?

The trumpet player who is most famous for his bent up trumpet is Dizzy Gillespie. Hope that helps!

Did Dizzy Gillespie play an brass instruments?

Yes. He was a famous jazz trumpet player.

Who is the renowned trumpet player whoes puffed cheeks becams a trade mark?

Gillespie, Dizzy

Who was the trumpet player who played a dented trumpet and why?

Dizzy Gillespie played a bent trumpet, the bell stuck up at a 45 degree angle. He once had his trumpet bent by accident, the tone of the instrument changed with the new shape, he liked the new sound and subsequently had a mis-shappen trumpet specially made to duplicate the sound of the broken instrument.

How tall is Cole Gillespie?

MLB player Cole Gillespie is 6'-02''.

Where was Cole Gillespie born?

MLB player Cole Gillespie was born in Portland, OR.

Who was the great trumpet player with big cheeks?

You are thinking about Dizzy Gillespie. He was one of the most influential founder of the style of bebop. With his bent trumpet and cheeks that would puff to great enormity when playing, he was not only a great jazz trumpeter but a unique iconoclast. He died on January 6th, 1993.

What is the player a trumpet called?

A "trumpet player" can be called a trumpeter. :)

What was the nickname of the jazz player john birk gillespie?

His nick-name was 'dizzie' gillespie

What actors and actresses appeared in The Trumpet Player - 2014?

The cast of The Trumpet Player - 2014 includes: Franklin Killian as Trumpet Player