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Q: Who is the singer of the song paralyzed?
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Why was drake the singer paralyzed?

He wasn't, his character Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi was.

Where does the term paralyzed lyrics come from?

Paralyzed lyrics is a song created by the Artist known as Finger Eleven. The band Big Time Rush also has a song known as Paralyzed that they perform. The lyrics refer to someone being so captivated by someone else that they are paralyzed.

When was The Singer Not the Song created?

The Singer Not the Song was created in 1961.

Why does singer called singer not songer?

Because He/She SINGS a song not Songs a song.... So Singer.

What is the duration of The Singer Not the Song?

The duration of The Singer Not the Song is 2.2 hours.

What Big Time Rush CD has the song Parallyzed?

Paralyzed is not yet on an album

What is the name of the ending song on prom night?

Paralyzed by Rock Kills Kid.

Who is the singer of Hud Hud Dabang song?

sukhvindar singh is the singer of this song

Who sings the rock song with partial lyrics not paralyzed but I seem to be struck by you?

Song name is Paralyzer by the band Finger eleven

Is the song paralyzed a punk rock song?

not really. I think what makes a song truly punk is the lyrics and the lyrics are just talking about a girl. its a great song though!

Who sings the song on the new commercial for the show Sophie?

The song and singer is: SONG-Fingerprints SINGER-Katy Perry

Is the song paralyzed by Big Time Rush in the album elevate?

yup my sister said