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Q: Who is the silencer in the movie 3 idiots?
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What is the madhavan name in 3 idiots?

His name is FARHAN in the movie 3 Idiots.

How many songs are there in the film 3 idiots?

There are 5 songs in 3 Idiots. This movie was one of the best movie. All is Well is one of the movie song.

Which movie earn more money 3 idiots or your name is khan?

3 idiots

Did My Name is Khan overtake 3 Idiots?

No. 3 Idiots is the Greatest movie in the History of Indian Cinema.

What was 2009 favorite movie?

3 idiots

Is 3 idiots film is good?

Yes, the 3 idiots film is great if you like comedy and Indian. Actually, I never liked comedy, but this movie ends up to be my favorite. You should watch the movie 3 idiots

What you will learn from the movie 3 idiots?

Nothing, it is just a movie for entertainment

What is the biggest movie ever made?

3 Idiots

What is the most popular Hindi movie?

3 idiots

Where to find '3 idiots' movie in English?

in blockbuster

What is the relevance of math in 3 idiots?

Watch the movie and you will see.

What is the best Bollywood movie?

I think it will be 3 Idiots