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The richest person in the music business, when it comes to liquid cash, is the billionaire Paul McCartney. He is a former Beatles member and has a net worth of about $1.2 billion. But he's getting a divorce from his wife so she may end up taking a huge chunk of that money. But he is not the only former member of the Beatles at the top. Ringo Star and the estate of George Harrison come 2nd and 3rd behind Sir. Paul.

Now, if you wanna talk the richest person in music over all, believe it or not it is actually.............Michael Jackson. No lie, no lie. He may be $300+ million in debt but he has assets well worth over $1.6 billion. Lets break it down. He was the first entertainer in music history to bring in over $100 million in a single year. Thriller gave him a nice $115 million payday. Off the wall netted him around $35 million. Bad gave him an astounding $45 million. Neverland Ranch is worth around $50 million. Dangerous gave him an ok payday of $20 million. Blood on the Dance Floor was a poor album, but he still raked in $10 million. Then the HIStory album gave him about $50 million. Then Invincible another $10 million. And that's just albums (which he has another album, Thriller 25, coming out on Feb 12 of 2008). Now for his three solo world tours. His BAD world tour made him $125 million. Dangerous made him another $100 million and HIStory tour made him $80. So if we add all of this up we get about $2.2 billion. But of course he's $300 million or more in debt so that takes us down to $1.9 billion. But he went through years of child molestation trials and paid millions to lawyers so we'll take off another $100 million to bring us to $1.8 billion. But, he owns the rights to the Beatles catalog which is valued at $1.6 billion so that brings us to $3.5 billion. But of course, MJ spends his money. He spends $12 million a month on Neverland and hes had it for more than 10 years. And all of this money isn't liquid, its assets. to be honest, he only has about $300 million to actually spend. In order to get the billions he has he's gotta sell off everything he owns. Then he'll be a liquid billionaire.

So, the answer is Paul McCartney if you want to talk liquid cash. But if you're talking over all. Its def Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson is richer considering he,s younger

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The third richest entertainer in the music industry is Madonna, the second is Paul McCartney, and the first is Bono.

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Q: Who is the second and third richest entertainer in the music industry?
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