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Dennis Lee does the lead screaming and Shawn milke does the clean vocals and the rhythm guitar.

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Dennis Lee is the singer for Alesana I don't know his nickname but you should search it its diablo something...

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Shawn Milke

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Q: Who is the screamer for Alesana?
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Who are members of Alesana band?

Shawn Milke (lead singer guitar) Dennis Lee (screamer) Patrick Thompson (guitar) Shane Crump (bass vocals) Jeremy Bryan (drums) Alex Torres (guitarist)

When was Alesana created?

Alesana was created in 2004.

Which is better Alesana or A Skylit Drive?

I think Alesana is better

How old is Shane from alesana?

Shane from alesana is 22 years old.

How many songs of alesana are there?

There Are About 49 alesana Songs. Or Even More

What is alesana real name?

Alesana? ( AL-EH-SAH-NAH)

How old is Shawn mike from alesana?

Shawn mike from alesana is 27

When did Va'aelua Eti Alesana die?

Va'aelua Eti Alesana died in 2011.

When was Alesana Tuilagi born?

Alesana Tuilagi was born on 1981-02-24.

What is alesana tuilagi kids name?

what is alesana tuilagi 3 kids names

What was alesana's first album?

Alesana's debut album is "On Frail Wings of Vanity and Wax"

How many albums does alesana have?

Alesana have so far released 4 full length albums