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His name is Scott Pruitt

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Q: Who is the real name of Jordan from broke straight boys?
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What is broke straight boys Jordan's real name?

There are several Jordans, which one ?

What is tyler from broke straight boys real name?

The full name of Tyler on Broke Straight Boys is Tyler White. Tyler White stars in pornographic movies and films.

What is the real name of Austin from Broke Straight Boys?

His name is grant

Who is Logan of Broke Straight Boys?

His name is Cory Logan Stevens. I think he changed his last name now though.

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its for both boys and girls

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yes, Jordan, (there are many ways of spelling that name), is a common name. though more so for boys, it can be for girls too.

Is Jordan a boys name?

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What is a good M or J boys middle name?

Michael Jordan

What is the real name of Logan on Broke straight boys?

His first name is Curtis. He went to college in Florida. I had a mutual facebook friend with him a few years ago, but don't any more. I can't remember his last name.

What can be a boys name or a file?

Boys names can be the following, Joe, Devin, Jordan, Danny, NICHOLAS, BRANDON, BRYAN,

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I can only name one and it's Lee Jordan

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