Who is the real billie jean?

Updated: 8/31/2023
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Michael also related to this question by answering to it as:

"There was never a real Billie Jean, it was just a certain name that I thought would make sense to add into a song. It went with some of the lyrics."

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The female tennis champion, Billie Jean King, was born Billie Jean Moffitt in 1943.

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Q: Who is the real billie jean?
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Is Billie Jean real?

Absolutely maybe

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Is Billie Jean King real?

Yes. She was a famous tennis star.

Is it true billie Jean was obsessed with Michael Jackson?

Billie Jean was a girl, who stalked Michael Jackson. Her real name wasn't actually Billie Jean, she gave herself the name Billie Jean Jackson because she was obsessed with Michael. She was also believed to be delusional and thought she was Michael's wife. Billie Jean also tried to sue Michael Jackson for one billion dollars and claim that "Blanket Jackson", Michael Jackson's son was hers. Blanket Jackson's real mother was "Debbie Rowe", Michael Jackson's second wife.

When was Billie Jean created?

Billie Jean was created in 1982.

What is the birth name of Billie Jean Jones?

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When was billie jean made?

The song Billie Jean was made in 1983.

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Billie Jean; January 2, 1983. Thriller; January 23, 1984.

Was Billie Jean Michael Jackson's lover?

No, Billie Jean doesn't exist.

When was billie jean released?

Billie Jean was released January 2, 1983.

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Did Billie Jean King die?

billie jean king is still ALIVE