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Miss Dove is the protagonist.

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Q: Who is the protagonist in the story of good morning miss dove?
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Is protagonist good?

Yes, the protagonist is considered the "hero" of the story. The protagonist's enemy, or "villain," is the antagonist.

What is a good guy in a story called?

The Good Guy is the protagonist The Bad Guy is the Antagonist

What is a protagonist of a novel?

the good guy in a story

What is the function of an antagonist in a story?

its like the bad guy in the story. the protagonist is the good guy

What is the moral of the story the ant and the dove?

One good turn deserves another The dove did a good turn for the ant. So the Ant did a good turn for the dove, in return for the dove's favor.

What is the aim of protagonist?

The protagonist is almost always the main character... he/she is the good guy in the story or movie... We need a protagonist to battle with the antagonist to make the story more exciting...

What is a progtagonist?

The protagonist is the good person in a story. The antagonist is the bad person in a story.

Is a protagonist good guy or bad?

The protagonist in a story is merely the character who sets in motion the story line, be it "good "or "bad". An example would be a story about Charles Manson. He would be the protagonist even though he is bad. The cops would be the antagonist in that scenario.

Is a protagonist good or bad in a story?

no, usually the protaganist is the bad guy. Yes the protagonist usually is the main character - but he/she/it doesn't have to be. The rules of writing are kept loose enough to allow for infinite variety.

What is the definition of protagonist?

The main or lead character (or hero / heroine) in a story or event.It is the good guy in the story, who may be opposed by an antagonist (bad guy).A protagonist is the character in which the story surounds. Otherwise, the main character.He is the:-good guy-main character-the movie/book is his storyThe protagonist is a character in a story, usually the main character. It is very often that the Protagonist is facing an antagonist, which is against the protagonist. the antagonist is usually portrayed as an evil person or creature, and the protagonist often wins and defeats the antagonist at the end. (basically, the protagonist is the good guy and main character)The main character in a literary work.Protagonist means the main person or character in the story.

The good guy in a story is called?

A good guy is a protagonist, a bad guy is an antagonist .

Who is the protagonist in the story the good samaritan by Rene saldana?