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Dog Days Are Over is a 2008 single by the British recording artist Florence and the Machine. This is the recording name for Florence Welch. She is a woman.

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2010-10-15 14:06:39
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Q: Who is the person in the video for dog days are over is that a guy?
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When was Dog Days Are Over created?

Dog Days Are Over was created in 2007.

Lwho sings dog days are over?

Florence and The Machine sings the song Dog Days are over

What is the album for Florence plus the machine - dog days are over?

The song Dog Days Are Over by Florence + the Machine is on their first album Lungs.

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What is the meaning of song dog days are over by Florence and the machine?

Florence has stated that 'Dog Days Are Over' was directly inspired by an art installation by the artist Ugo Rondinone. He's got an art installation on the side of a building that said, "Dog Days Are Over."

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What are the flute notes for the dog days are over?

On the Internet

What is a good positive good song i can write about?

The Dog Days are Over

What mood does the dog days are over by florence plus the machine give off?

The overall mood of the song Dog Days is celebratory. Typically, the dog days of summer are the hottest most uncomfortable days, so if the singer's "dog days" are over it signifies that an uncomfortable time in her life is past her but the lyrics also seem to temper the joyous mood of the arrangement by hinting that she knows it could be a fleeting victory.

What is the song in the covert affairs commercial?

Dog Days Are Over by Florence and the Machines

What is the music in Deadly 60 advert?

Florence and the Machines - Dog Days are over

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