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Penshoppe is part of group of stores under one company, which is Golden ABC. Its owner is Bernie Liu and its headquarters is located at Balintawak, Q.C. The brand is creating impact not only in the Philippines but also abroad. Penshoppe, as well as the other brands under Golden ABC are now known by other countries and they have even models from other countries as well. From Mandy Moore, to Ed Westwick of the popular tv series Gossip Girls, to Thai heartthrob, Mario Maurer of the very popular Thai Movie, Crazy Little thing called Love. Other brands of Golden ABC includes Oxygen, Memo, Forme, Regatta, and recently acquired Tyler. The company has also ventured into the direct selling business under the successful "RED LOGO" lifestyle.

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Q: Who is the owner of Penshoppe store?
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What is penshoppe clothing?

penshoppe is a clothing store in Philippines... in united states its like hollister, American eagle stores..

When was Penshoppe created?

Penshoppe was created in 1986.

What is the history of penshoppe?

Penshoppe is a clothing brand and a subsidiary of Golden ABC, Inc. It was founded in 1986 by Bernie Liu and is based in the Philippines. After many years of dominating the retail clothing industry in the Philippines, the company decided to go international and opened a store in Dubai. As of 2014, Penshoppe has over 300 locations.

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The Penshoppe Company is one of the many brands owned by Golden ABC. All of their companies focus on dynamic talents, winning culture and aspiring to be the top Asian fashion brands company.

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