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Caryn Richman she played in the tv series Gidget

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Q: Who is the other actress in the Atelvia commercial the brunette?
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Who is the brunette actress in the VSP Vision Service Plan Television Commercial?

Her name is Nadia Quinn and she's done a number of other commercials as well

Who is the brunette villain in the capital one commercial?

The brunette villain in the Capital One commercial is Tori, played by actress Tiffany Dupont. She is known for her role in the television series "Greek" and has appeared in several other TV shows and movies.

Who is actress in the Jardiance commercial?

The actress in the Jardiance Commercial that has Hot Air Balloons is Caryn Richman.

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Carmen Palumbo is the actress who appears in the Generals lampshade commercial. There are several other small roles she has had in commercials and television shows.

Who is the actress in the new Toyota commercial where one guy is talking about getting the band back together when he calls the other guy Buzzsaw... is it Jennifer Morrison?

Not Jennifer Morrison. I've seen her in another commercial, though, but I can't think of what other commercial. The actress is Molly Erdman

Who is the other actress besides molly camp in the fios pinch you commercial?

Emily Axford

Who is actress in newest pediasure commercial?

The actress looks like Emma Caulfield from Buffy. Any other Slayer fans agree or know?

Who is the redhead actress in the progressive commercial titled toys?

Stephanie Courtney is Flo, not the redhead. Upon seeing the commercial again, Flo does have red hair, but not like the other actress. Sorry for any confusion.

Who is the actress in remax commercials?

Danielle Hoover is the actress in the Re-Max commercial. She has made appearances in several other commercials and had small roles in movies.

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Sarah Nisch, an actress/singer based out of NYC. She is a graduate of Missouri State University.

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no other than taylor swift

Who is the actress in the progressive commercial titled switch and save?

She is named Stephanie Courtney. Stephanie is "Flo" but who is the other actress?