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Lynyrd Skynyrd, you should check them out they made Free Bird and Sweet Home Alabama, really good.

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Lynard Skynard

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Lynyrd Skynyrd (its a great song ^_^)

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Lynyrd skynyrd

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Q: Who is the original singer of the song simple man?
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When was Simple Man - Lynyrd Skynyrd song - created?

1973. It was on their first album "Pronounced"

Did Shinedown Sing A Song Called Simple Man?

yes they sing a cover of the song simple man

What is the song where a man asks a country singer why he sings country songs and the country singer invites the man to his concert and the man realizes country songs are about his own life?

the song is "songs about me" it is buy Trace Adkins

Who is the country singer who sings I want to be your man?

Josh Turner, and the name of the song is Your Man.

In which year was the song ''Hero'' sung by Nickelback?

Hero was not a Nickleback song, it was recorded by the lead singer of the group Chad Kroeger. Nickleback has performed the song live numerous times but the 2002 original version that was featured on the Sipder-Man soundtrack was a solo effort.

When did Nickelback release the song Hero?

Nickleback did not release the song Hero; it was sung by the lead singer of the group, Chad Kroeger. It was part of the Spider-Man movie soundtrack that was released in 2002. Nickleback has performed the song live a few times but they are not credited with the original version.

What is the original key for the song My man's gone now?

The original key is D minor.

The singer in Book you entertains the crowd with a song about?

a man returning from war in Troy.

Who was original singer of Follow Me?

I think the man that originally sang it was called Uncle Kracker.

A rich man and a poor man are in a bar the rich man says sing me an original song and i will give you my fortune what song did he sing?

Happy Birthday

What singer sang the song where she was piloting a building like a ship in the music video?

A man!

Who was the original artist to sing magic man?

Heart-1976 Therefore the singer was Ann Wilson