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Sara Sloane appears in Season Fourteen's A Star is Born Again

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Q: Who is the movie star Ned Flanders dates?
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What star does Flanders date on the Simpson?

Ned dates the Christian rock singer Rachel Jordan, and the movie star Sara Sloane.

Who is more famous Ned Flanders or Chris Brown?

Ned Flanders

When was Viva Ned Flanders created?

Viva Ned Flanders was created on 1999-01-10.

When was Ned Flanders created?

60 as stated in Viva Ned Flanders

What is animated Flanders?


Who is the simpsons neigbor?

Ned Flanders

What are people from Flanders called?

Rod, Tod, Maud, and Ned Flanders (Simpsons)

Who does homer hate on the Simpsons?

Ned Flanders

Who voices Ned Flanders?

Harry Shearer

What is ned flanders wife called?


What is Ned Flanders famous for?

Ned Flanders is famous for his role in the Simpsons show, but also the movie. He acts out as a very religious person, but also a mellow one at that. Many know him for some of his unique quotes, "Okay, boys, when you meet Jesus, be sure to call him Mr. Christ." Ned is also the father of Todd, and Rod Flanders, and he teaches them the ways of good, and to steer away from bad activity.

Who is religious in the simpsons?

Ned Flanders and the rest of the Flanders Family are very involved in the christian religion.