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Dawn's mother is a mystery, there is no information about her.

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Q: Who is the mother of Jermaine Jackson's daughter Dawn?
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Does Jermaine Jackson's daughter Dawn have a MySpace?

Yes she does

How old is Jermaine Jackson's daughter Dawn?

Dawn does NOT exist. She was dreamed up by the tabloids. The closest thing to Dawn is a child sponsored as an exchange student who visited Jermaine's home. She has since returned to Africa!

What is dawn fraser's daughter called?

Dawn Fraser's daughter is called Dawn-Lorraine

What is the name of sleana Gomez mother?

She is the daughter of former stage actress Amanda Dawn "Mandy" Teefey (née Cornett)

How is Zeus related to khione?

The father and mother of Zeus (Kronos and Rhea) were siblings of Hyperion and Theia, whose daughter Eos, the Dawn, was mother of Boreas, who is the father of Khione with Oreithyia.

Does Bella have a baby in the breaking of dawn?

Yes, she has a daughter in Breaking Dawn.

Who will play Edward and Bella's daughter in Breaking dawn?

Mackenzie Foy will play their daughter Renesmee in the second film of Breaking Dawn

Is rensemee Bella's daughter in Breaking Dawn?

Yes, Renesemee is Bella's daughter.

What does Bella name her daughter in breaking dawn part 2?

She calls her daughter Renesmee

Is makenzie foy Kristen Stewarts daughter?

no! on the Breaking Dawn movie she plays her daughter

Who is Renesme in Breaking Dawn?

Edwards and Bellas daughter.

What book did Bella Swan have a daughter?

Breaking dawn